- Projects -
  1. Oil and Gas - Involved in numerous engineering and offshore construction projects (platforms, subsea structures and pipelines).
  2. Egmond aan Zee - Lead engineer responsible for design, offshore construction and civil maintenance (including grouted connection repair).
  3. London Array - Member of support structure team.
  4. Beaufort - Responsible for park layout and support structure design, involved in subcontract negotiations with contractors and suppliers.
  5. Thanet - Responsible for detailed engineering related to mitigation of the failed grouted connections.
  6. Dan Tysk - Supported negotiations with installation contractors.
  7. Ormonde - Involved in jacket design and installation.
  8. Westermeerwind - Lead engineer responsible for detailed design and contruction of this lake project; project manager for the shipping safety barrier.
  9. West of Duddon Sands - Technical advisor of installation contractor.
  10. Cape Wind - Independent engineer for DOE, responsible for design and installation aspects.
  11. Middle Baltic - Technical advisor of IEA consultancy.
  12. Block Island Wind Farm - Turbine Installation Manager for Deepwater Wind.
  13. Windpark Fryslan - Technical Manager for Ventolines, the developer of this 320 MW nearshore wind project.
  14. Wind Minds - Advisor for offshore wind developments in South Korea.