- Innovations -
Solar PV

In view of the ever-decreasing costs of solar energy, Ovento BV also advises on the design of Solar PV systems for rooftops. The image above shows the 4000 Wp demonstration PV-system currently installed on the roof of the Ovento office. Mr. Ploeg successfully completed the course Solar Energy as given at the TU-Delft technical university (score 95/100).

Z-Step Offshore Access

In order to improve the safety of accessing offshore wind turbines, Mr. Ploeg is one of the developers of the Z-step concept. This smart and innovative step up platform compensates the movements of the vessel during access and egress of the turbine foundation. A full-scale prototype has been installed and tested in the OWEZ wind farm in 2013-2014, and is ready for market applications. For more info, refer to the website .

Electric Mobility

In order to increase the use of renewable electricity from wind turbines or solar power in our day-to-day life, Ovento stimulates the development of electric mobility. This started off years ago by selecting a Toyota Prius as the company car. In the future Ovento will advise car owners on the conversion from petrol to electric motors. To develop this technology and investigate the supply chain, a prototype car is currently being converted.

Safety Observation App

In order to improving the safety performance of projects, apart from reporting incidents it is also important to report near-incidents. Ovento developed a simple App for iOS and Android smart phones, allowing the user to report unsafe situations or acts quickly. A photo and location map will be added automatically, and in case of high priority, the responsible persons onshore will be alerted. Reports are added to an on-line database, from which reports can be printed later. The app is freeware: please contact Ovento for details.